Together We Can

The Autism Partnership is a new and exciting project by The Autism Directory Charity that helps and supports those living with autism across the UK through collaboration with the autism community and a network of autism support organisations. The Autism Partnership is made up of:

  • A Support Network of local autism support groups / charities / not-­for­‐profits to help each other grow to achieve all our goals. This network values collaborative working to achieve a common objective for the benefit of the community
  • A Skills Programme that provides help for local Initiatives that support the autism community in any way from mental well-­being to upskilling – such as local allotments, cafes and any kind of social enterprise for the local autism community
  • A Job Club that provides training and support for transition and to be job-ready. With our partners we can also provide opportunities to gain work experience and find employment
  • A Business School that provides support, coaching and guidance as well as a business ‘back-­office’ for adults on the spectrum that have (or want to have) their own business, with specialists in finance, marketing, sales, operations etc so that they get the best chance of business success
  • A Speaker Agency that supports adults on the spectrum launch and develop their speaking career – providing speaker training, making bookings and promoting their brand.


The Autism Partnership Support Network

Through a collaborative approach we believe we can serve the autism community much better by partnering with others that share common values and goals.  We want to work with other groups, charities and not-for-profit organisations that support individuals and families living with autism, to help them achieve their aims and in turn achieve ours.

Many organisations and groups come about because an individual, a  parent or a family member want to make things better for others living with autism. That’s how we started too, and just as we want those living with autism to feel they are not alone, we want to extend that support to other organisations and groups too, so they feel they are not in this alone, or feel they have to solve all the problems of those they support alone either.

We will work with our partners to share expertise and information to their members.  We will work with groups to help them achieve charitable status as we believe the more services and groups there are the stronger the autism community becomes.  We will promote our partner groups, their activities and events as well as fundraise alongside them in order to put on trips and events.  During fundraising events and community surgeries we will always promote other local groups and support them to increase their numbers.

By sharing information and resources we can work to each-others strengths rather than try to do everything in isolation.  We can help to develop funding bids with groups and put groups in touch with other organisations we know about.  In return we ask for all groups we partner with to let us know about services and businesses they come across that are autism friendly so we can put the information on our directory and share it with the wider populations.

For more information about our Support Network, please go here


The Autism Partnership Job Club

The autism directory works closely with national and local government, education and business organisations to support the community in acquiring skills to become job ready.

We aim to provide real life work skills which include finding a job and writing CV’s which leads on to having interviews with businesses in the community resulting in employment opportunities.  We then support the person if needed into employment to continue to develop their work place skills.

For more information about our Job Club, please go here


The Autism Partnership Business School

There is a severe lack of support for adults who are on the autism spectrum when they leave the education system and enter the world of employment as a young adult. The NAS state that only 15% of adults with autism are in full-time employment, but most are willing and able to work with the right support. There are also those not just willing and able to work, but desire to do what they love and are gifted at, however the chances of them finding an opportunity to do that kind of work are much further away than just finding a job.

For example, a young lad called Charlie has a natural gift with horses. He has trained himself to be a horse whisperer and gained his apprenticeship in natural horsemanship. With his training and skill he has been able to help many other horse owners with typical issues they have such as bringing them in from the field, or loading into trailers with his natural horsemanship gift. He also has a passion to help other people with learning disabilities and autism to find their confidence and improve their self-esteem with horses as he did.

However, he doesn’t know the first thing about how to start with this, whether he could do this as a business, if it would work, and if it did what would he have to do. The key barriers for Charlie are that he isn’t a business owner or has the skills to be one, but he has a gift and a service that others would appreciate and pay for.

There are many other examples of adults with such gifts, skills and talents that are unable to put them to service for the same or similar reasons. Many have excellent IT skills, artistic gifts or performance related talents and who could provide a needed service or product as a business. However the concept of being an entrepreneur and / or business owner is well out of reach.

The Autism Partnership helps those with additional needs by providing a fully supported ‘back office’ for their business which would allow them to follow their natural talents and provide a service to others.

For more information about our Business School, please go here.


The Autism Partnership Speaker Agency – TAD Talks

Over the years we have met many amazing and inspiring people that have given talks (or want to give talks) about their lives and living with autism; the challenges as well as the victories.  While some are doing well on the ‘speaker circuit’, others need a helping hand to get started.

We believe there is room for everyone with an inspiring story to motivate and enlighten others, so our ‘TAD Talks’ speaker agency hopes to put more great speakers in front of their audiences by supporting them with training, coaching and speaking opportunities.

For more information about our Speaker Agency, please go here

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